Hackers, spammers, phishing scams, virus threats, spyware threats and even cyber-terrorists, lurk on the Internet in search of easy victims. No wonder, it is rightly said that the next World War will be a virtual one, with ramifications that are unimaginable.

Cyber Security must not be viewed as protection just against malicious attacks as the information is equally susceptible to natural calamities & accidents. Disruptions in the digital world can cause catastrophic harm to the information society & can bring the world on its knees.

Everyone using the Internet is under threat and needs to be aware of the perils that exist and the remedies that are available at their disposal.

And that’s why, we bring to you Symantec i Security Summit, an initiative by Symantec's Website Security Solutions Business Unit along with media partner CNBC. A summit where Eminent personalities from various fields will gather for an exclusive panel discussion and debate on “Cyber Security – A multidimensional analysis & approach for blooming Information Economy”

This will be a multi-pronged procedure and look into approaches that individuals, organizations and government entities can take to protect assets and information.

Who should attend: